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Obituary for Eliacid Gutierrez Dominguez

Eliacid Gutierrez Dominguez was born to late father Agustin Gutierrez, Mother Esther Dominguez, and stepfather Raul Ascencio in Morelos, MX. Eliacid better known as "Eli", was the oldest child in a family of five children. He leaves two brothers Bissael A. Gutierrez Dominguez and Raul Ascencio Jr., two sisters Zarai and Noemi Ascencio. He also leaves his two favorite boys, his nephews, Jaiden and Noah Gutierrez.

Eli enjoyed spending his free time playing soccer. Everyone blessed to know him knew he was super competitive and gave 110% on the field. When not on the field, Eli spent time with his family and friends and always ensured everyone was having a good time. Over his 30 years of life, Eli created a lot of smiles and touched many hearts.

The Gutierrez and Dominguez family would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported them in their time of need. Thank you and God Bless you.